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Southwest Folklore Collection

Songs of the Yuma, Cocopa, and Yaqui  '1915(?)

Archive of Folk Song Recorded and edited by Frances Densmore. Copied from cylinders recorded before 1915. Smithsonian-Densmore 
Collection from the Archive of American Folk Song. 

Yuma deer dance songs performed by Alfred Golding: The Water bug on the mountain -- The Water bug sees a fish -- 
The Water bug stands upon the fish -- The Water bug wanders forever beside the sea -- Then dance of the blackbirds is completed -- 
Song of the nighthawk (2) -- 
Yaqui deer dance songs performed by Juan Ariwares: The Little fly -- The Summer rains -- The Rising sun -- 
Cocopa bird dance songs performed by Numa 'wasoa't: Song in the early evening -- Song at about midnight (2) -- Song concerning the diver -- 
Song in the early morning -- 

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Yuma Ca 'Koramu's dance song performed by Katco'ra: Song concerning the lark and the diver -- 
Cocopa Tcumanpa 'Xwa dance song performed by Mike Barley: Dancing song --
Yuma lightning songs, songs used in the treatment of the sick, and songs with cremation legend performed by Charles Wilson: White Cloud
demonstrates his power -- Song concerning the ocean -- Song when treating the sick (2) -- Song concerning the wildcat -- 
Cocopa songs with cremation legend performed by Clam: The illness of the superman -- The superman speaks -- The four corners of the
earth -- Coyote comes to the cremation of the superman -- Coyote makes a request.

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Washington, D.C.: The Library of Congress Music Division Recording Laboratory, 1951
1 sound disc, analog, [33 1/3 rpm], 12 in.
SWF 008: SWF 87.12/D.37 (12in.)

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