LAST-STUDIO  - World  music-collection, cd-rom (80min)    /  ~ 28.01.2008


JOHN PEEL - Finnish Radio Shows.late 80s up until 1996:
- JOHN PEEL (part 1 of 8), 1 jun 1988, Radio Mafia
- JOHN PEEL (part 2 of 8), 4 jun 1987, Radio Mafia
- JOHN PEEL (part 3 of 8), 5 dec 1995, Radio Mafia
- JOHN PEEL (part 4 of 8), 8 jul 1993, Radio Mafia
Meiko Kaji -
va - avaruusromua 22-8-2002 - electroshock special.2cd

VA - Green Cheese Compilation Vol 13.full
va - hanakodo7-japan
- Douji Morita
- Jon
- Miki Hirayama-Beautiful Yokohama
- Moonlight Ring-Mitsuko Horie
- Singers Three on TV?
- Tamaki Sawa
va - improvised music from japan (disc 2) - improvised music from japan (disc 2)
va - Indo-China.recordrobot.Icd

- Grooving With Chang Siao Ying.70es end
- This is Saigon
va - Indo-China.recordrobot.IIcd
- Chan Pao Chu.Hong Kong.60es
- Chan Po Chu (a.k.a. Connie Chan).movie soundtrack
- Chiemi Eri
- Sandra Lang(Hong Kong,The Chopsticks).Cantopop
- Ying Ying.Wind And Rain
- Yukiko Nomura.50-es
va - japanese avant-garde
va -
- Dangerous Men-movie - John S. Rad
- From Pol Pot to hip-hop: 01PraCh-The Great Escape,02praCh-Khmer Rap
- Gangsta Fag - Run From The Faggots
- Leoncie
- Pop Surrealism: Aber N. Stein - Voodoo Dick (Extended Edition),
- DJ Earlybird:Mash-Ups - Bob Marley & the Carpenters vs Buddy Holly & the Buggles-True Video Ways killed the Raib,
Serge Gainsbourg vs Elvis feat. Dolly Parton (by DJ Earlybird),
Lou Reed vs Duran Duran 'Walk on the Wild Boys' (FASTMIX by DJ Earlybird),
Sade vs Prince 'These are no ordinary times' (by DJ Earlybird)
- Johnny SKAsh
- RIAA: i only hustle for you, Kick Bob Marley In The Head, London Derriere
- Terry Riley- You're Nogood
va - Nino Nardini & Roger Roger.Jungle Obsession.1970,+
-Annette Snell - Footprints On My Mind (Dial 1023),
-Joe Simon - Come On And Get It (Sound Stage 7 2628),
-Joe Tex - You Better Believe It Baby (Dial 4033),
-Johnnie Taylor (The Soul Philosopher) - Love In The Streets (Ain't Good As The Love At Home) (STAX 0096),
-Little Buster - Looking For A Home (Jubilee 5491),
-Lynn White - Hooked On Your Love (Waylo 3022),
-Ruth Brown - Honey Boy (Atlantic 2075),
-Slim Harpo - I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil) (Excello 2273),
-Ted Taylor - Going In The Hole (Ronn 65),
-Willie Hightower - You Used Me Baby (Fame 1465),
-Joe Tex, Muslim.1978:Get Back, Leroy-I Gotcha-You Can Be My Star
VVAA Easy Tempo Vol. 1 A Cinematic Easy Listening Experience.full
VVAA Easy Tempo Vol. 2 The Psycho Beat.full
VVAA Easy Tempo Vol. 3 Further Cinematic Easy Listening Experiences.full
VVAA Easy Tempo Vol. 4 A Kaleidoscopic Collection of Exciting and Diverse Cinematic Themes.full
VVAA Easy Tempo Vol. 7 Bikini Beat.full
VVAA Easy Tempo Vol. 8 Cinematica!! Different Musical Horizons.full
VVAA Easy Tempo Vol. 9 The Ultimate Cinematic Compendium.full
VVAA Easy Tempo Vol. 10 ...End Titles.full


- A Ha
hunting high and low.full
scoundrel days
- aphex twin
afx - 2 remixes by afx.full
afx - 8 mixes for free.full
afx - [odds and ends]
afx - ambient
afx - analogue bubblebath.1.(1991)
afx - analogue bubblebath.2(1991)
afx - analogue bubblebath.3.1.full
afx - analogue bubblebath.3.full
afx - analogue bubblebath.4(1994)
afx - analogue bubblebath.5.full
afx - analord.1.vinyl.2005.full
afx - analord.2.full
afx - analord.3.full
afx - analord.4.full
afx - analord.5.2005.full
afx - analord.6.full
afx - analord.7.full
afx - analord.8.may.3.2005.full
afx - analord.9.full.2005
afx - analord.10.(rephlex)-vinyl-2005.full
afx - analord.11 (rephlex, 2005)
afx - flow coma remix 12''.2001
afx - hangable autobulb ep 2.full
afx - hangable autobulb ep 1.full
afx - q-chastic - q-chastic 1992 (rephlex).full
afx - Smojphace.2003.full
afx - ventolin.1995.full
aphex twin - 51-13.1996
aphex twin - acrid avid jams.1995
aphex twin - bockhum welt.1994.full
aphex twin - caustic window - joyrex j4.1992
aphex twin - caustic window - joyrex j5.1992
aphex twin - caustic window - joyrex j9.1993.full
aphex twin - caustic window (1998)
aphex twin - Chosen Lords.2006
aphex twin - digeridoo.full
aphex twin - expert knob twidlers.full
aphex twin - jamrolypoly.full
aphex twin - melodies from mars
aphex twin - morning becomes electic interview
aphex twin - peel session
aphex twin - polygon window
aphex twin - raising the titanic
aphex twin - rarities
aphex twin - remixes
aphex twin - quoth
aphex twin - the sounds of machines our parents used(amb works 85-92)
aphex twin - universal indicator (blue)
aphex twin - universal indicator (yellow)
aphex twin - universal indicator red
aphex twin - universal indicator ultraviolet.2001.full
aphex twin - univsersal indicator (green).1995
aphex twin - warp promo december 2004 - (2004)
aphex twin - words and music
aphex twin - xylem tube.1993.full
aphex twin & Autechne - live in Vancouver
aphex twin (as bradley strider):
(1995) bradley strider - bradley's beat
(1996) bradley strider - bradley's robot
aphex twin Live @ ATP on BBC Radio1 04.18.2003
- arvo pärt
arvo pärt - 1991 - miserere
arvo pärt - alina [ecm 2000]
arvo pärt - arbos [ecm 1987]
arvo pärt - collage [chandos 1994]
arvo pärt - orient occident [ecm 2002]
arvo pärt - sanctuary -lp -ok
arvo pärt - tabula rasa
arvo pärt - the music for organ
arvo pärt - de profundis (theatre of voices - paul hillier).1997
- Beastie Boys
Aglio E Olio.full
anthology - the sounds of science
beastie boys - check your head
check your head
def before dishonor
Hello Nasty
Pauls Boutique.full
Some Old Bullshit.full
The in sound from way out.96
- billie holiday
the complete recordings
- biosphere
biosphere - autour de la lune
biosphere and the higher intelligence agency - polar sequencies
- Brian Eno
Brian Eno - Ambient 3 day of radiance
Brian Eno - The Pearl (with Harold Budd & Daniel Lanois).1984
Brian Eno -Music for airports
Cluster - Sowiesoso
Cluster & Eno - Cluster & Eno (1977)
Eno - Moebius - Roedelius - After the Heat
Harmonia & Brian Eno - Tracks & Traces Harmonia '76
- current 93 / boyd rice / nurse with wound / death in june
boyd rice - s.w.a.t. - deep inside a cop's mind.1994
boyd rice & friends - the way i feel.2000
current 93 - a gothic love song ep.1998.full
current 93 - A Little Menstrual Night Music.2003.full
current 93 - all the pretty little horses (the inmost light).1997.full
current 93 - as the world disappear.1991
current 93 - black ships ate the sky-promo-2006-oma.full
current 93 - cats drunk on copper.2001.full
current 93 - christ and the pale queens mighty in sorrow.1994(1989).full
current 93 - crooked crosses for the nodding god.1992
current 93 - crowleymass 1987.full
current 93 - dark black embers cd-r (1999) (+)
current 93 - dawn.1987.full
current 93 - dogs blood rising.1984.full
current 93 - earth covers earth (supernatural organization).1992.full
current 93 - halo.2003.full
current 93 - hitler as kalki.1993.full
current 93 - how he loved the moon (moonsongs for jhonn balance).2006.full
current 93 - hypnagogue a dream prologue.2003.full
current 93 - i am black ship (2006).full
current 93 - I Have a Special Plan for this World.2000
current 93 - in a foreign town, in a foreign land.1997.full
current 93 - in menstrual night.1994(1985).full
current 93 - island.1991.full
current 93 - lashtal.12ep.224.1984.full
current 93 - looney runes.1990.full
current 93 - lucifer over london.1994.full
current 93 - nature unveiled.1984.full
current 93 - of ruine or some blazing star.1994.full
current 93 - rarities from official site
current 93 - sixsixsix sicksicksick.2004.full
current 93 - sleep has his house.2000.full
current 93 - soft black stars.2004.full
current 93 - some soft black stars seen over london.2002
current 93 - swastikas for goddy.1988.full
current 93 - tamlin.1994.full
current 93 - the courtyard & jerusalem ep (simon finn's songs).2004.full
current 93 - the red face of god.1988.full
current 93 - the seahorse rears to oblivion.2003
current 93 - this degenerate little town.2001.full
current 93 - thunder perfect mind.1992.full
current 93 - Where The Long Shadows Fall(BeforeTheInmostLight).1995.full
current 93 & antony and the johnsons - split 7 [2003].full
current 93 & aryan their waterloo.1987.full
current 93 & nurse with wound - bright yellow moon.2001.full
current 93 & nurse with wound - mi-mort [tape].1983.full
current 93 & nurse with wound - purtle.2001.full
current 93 & om - inerrant rays of infalible sun (blackship schrinebuilder).2006.full
current 93 & sickness of snakes (coil+b.rice) - nightmare culture (vinyl).1988.full
current 93 & thomas ligotti - the unholy city.2003
current 93&nurse with wound - papal ejaculations (vinyl)
david tibet radio interview.full
death in june - 93 dead sunwheels 1989.full
death in june - oh how we laughed.1987.full
Legionari Movement.boyd rice presents death's gladsome wedding.1996.full
nurse with wound & current 93 & coil - england's hidden reverse.2002.full
- Depeche Mode
an almost acoustic christmas - kroq
b-sides, remixes, live & other rarities.full
david gahan - hourglass.2007
david gahan - paper monsters
depeche mode - martin l. gore - studio tapes
depeche mode - playing the angel - (2005)
depeche mode - precious compilation
depeche mode - remixes 81-04
depeche mode - remixes 81-04 (3cd)
depeche mode - speak&spell.full
martin gore - depeche mode demos
martin gore - hotel session.full
rareties of mode (2001)
rarities, b-sides & instrumentals (192)
- DJ Krush
dj krush &dj shadow&joe @ mix of acid jazz.1997.full
dj krush - code 4109 (2000).full
dj krush - live in moscow.full
holonic-the self megamix.1998
shinsou (message at the depth).2003.full
- dj shadow
Private Press
- einstuerzende neubauten
2x4 (1984)
1982 - Stahldubversion.11
1987 - fuenf auf der nach oben offenen richterskala.full
2000 - silence is sexy
einstuerzende neubauten - haus der luege.full
einsturzende neubauten - kalte sterne (ep)[1981.1]
einsturzende neubauten - [1996a] stella maris cd5
einsturzende neubauten - durstiges tier (ep)[1982]
ende neu
halber mench
strategies against architecture.2
strategies against architecture.3
tabula rasa
- emf
emf - 92 stigma
emf - cha cha cha by jas.1995
emf - schubert dip.1991
- fine young cannibals
fine young cannibals - the finest.1996
- flying luttenbachers
flying luttenbachers - constructive deconstruction.full
flying luttenbachers - destroy all music.full
flying luttenbachers - gods of chaos.full
flying luttenbachers - trauma.full
infection and decline.full
lake of dracula
systems emerge from complete disorder.full
- fundamental
fun-da-mental - all is war ( the benefits of g-had) 2006
fun-da-mental - erotic terrorism
fun-da-mental - there shall be love
fun-da-mental - why america will go to hell
fun-da-mental - with intent to pervert the cause of injustice (1995)
- Jimi Tenor
Beyond the stars.2004.full
higher planes.2003
jimi tenor - out of nowhere (warp).2000.full
utopian dream (full)
- massive attack
100th window.2003.full
1991 - blue lines
1994 - protection
1998 - mezzanine
- money mark
Change is coming.12.2001
mark's keyboard repair.1996.full
money mark - brand new by tomorrow.2007
money mark - demo or demolition.2004.full
money mark - father demo square.2005.full
money mark - push the button.1998.full
- Numminen
m.a. numminen - 1972 - aarteeni, juokaamme likoori!
m.a. numminen - 1990 - den eviga Argangen
- pan sonic
f.m. einheit, pan sonic, andreas ammer, gry _ frost 79°40'
pan sonic - A.2004
pan sonic - aaltopiiri [mute 2001].full
pan sonic - kajo.2000
Pan Sonic - Kesto.2004.4cd
pan sonic - kulma (mute.1997).full
pan sonic - rude mechanic disc 1
pan sonic & alan vega - endless - 192 kb - by digital sounds
pan sonic - osasto.1996.full
- Philip Glass
Philip Glass - Mishima (1985)
- prodigy
Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned.2004
prodigy - music for the jilted generation
the fat of the land
Unpublished singles collection
- Reynols
invisible lathe comp
no reynols
reynols - bolas tristes (freedom from 2001)
reynols - pacalirte sorban cumanos
- ryuichi sakamoto
discord [us]
love is the devil original soundtrack
moto tronic
ryuichi sakamoto - chasm 2004 (japanese import)
ryuichi sakamoto - derrida (movie soundtrack)
ryuichi sakamoto - merry christmas mr. lawrence
- sade
diamond life.1985
love deluxe.1992
sade - lovers live.2002
sade - detroit soul mixes-promo-vinyl-2005-ute
sade - lovers rock.2000
stronger than pride.1988
the best of sade.1994
- Sofa Surfers
Constructions.Remixed and dubbed
Komm,suesser tod - soundtrack
See the light.2004
selling souls
sofa rockers-CHILL OUT SESSION
sofa surfers - self titled - 2005
- sofia gubaidulina
gubaidulina - in croce, 10 preludes(for cello and organ).alexander ivashkin (cello)
Offertorium Hommage a T. S.Eliot
sofia gubaidulina - seven words, ten preludes for cello (ecm)
sofia gubaidulina - Sonnengesang.1997-the canticle of the sun-music for flute strings and percussion.1994
- stereolab
dots and loops
emperor tomato ketchup
- steve reich
steve reich - drumming.full
steve reich - music for 18 musicians.full
steve reich - The four sections.Music for Mallet Instruments-Voices&Organ.1990.full
steve reich - three tales(2003).full
- Susumu Yokota
Acid Mt Fuji.1994.full
Anima Beat.full
Boy and tree.2002.full
Cat,mouse and me.full
Coldcut,dk,susumu yokota.03.09.01.full
ebi (susumu yokota) - ten (space teddy recordings 1995)
Grinning cat.2001.full
Image 1983-1998.2000.full
Leaf comp.mix.full
Magic Thread.2000.full
prism (a.k.a susumu yokota)-fallen angel (mini cd).full
Prism-Fallen angel.1997.full
Prism-Metronome melody.full
ringo [aka susumu yokota] - plantation ep.1995.full
Sound of sky.2002.full
Susumu Yokota - Breezeblock Showcase Set 01-10-01
susumu yokota - love or die (2007)
susumu yokota - triple time dance (2006)
susumu yokota & rothko- distant sounds of summer.2005
Susumu Yokota & Rothko.Waters edge.2002.full
The Frankfurt-Tokyo connection.full
va - 2001 - watch for tsunami when you feel earth quake (eac, lame 3.91 @--apfs)
va - tangent 2002 disco nouveau (ghostly international)
va - mattonyokota-(blok)-2005
wather edge
wonder waltz (2006)
Zero mixes
- The Chemical Brothers
the chemical brothers - dig your own hole.1997
- Tosca
- Toshinori Kondo
Dj Krush&Toshinori Kondo.KI OKU.1999
Kondo Bernocchi Laswell - Charged.1999.full
- Yuka&Yoshimi
Yuka&Yoshimi - Flower with no colour


- africa
amadou & mariam - tje ni mousso
cheb khaled - hada raykoum [algeria]
gabon - musique des pygmees bibayak - chantres de l'Epopee
gnawa music of marrakesh_ night spirit masters
Rough Guide-Music of Zimbabwe.1996
Rough Guide-To The Music Of Nigeria And Ghana.2002
- America
a putumayo blend- music of the coffee lands
brazilian 60's nuggets I
gilles peterson in brazil - classico
music of the andes - hemisphere
musica de la cordillera de los andes vol 1
v.a. el condor pasa the best flute music of the andes 2000
Ynka Nan.The sound of the mountains
rough guide to central america.2001
- armenia
gevorg dabagian - the music of armenia, vol. 3 - duduk.2000
sharakan early music ensemble - the music of armenia v2.1996
- Australia
Arnhem Land Popular Classics (1963)
Australia - Songs of the Aborigines and Music of Papua, New Guinea (1963)
David Blanasi Didjeridu Master.1998
- Bali
bali - music of the wayang kulit ii - a shadow play from the dewa ruci.full
bali.Gamelan Gon Kebyar - music from the morning of the world.full
gamelan of central java, vol. 1 - classical gendings.full
Gamelan Rindik - the balinese bamboo & flute music.full
gamelan semar pegulingan 'gunung jati', br. teges kanginan.1990.full
gender wayang - bali - music of the wayang kulit.vol.1.full
gong gede - Gong Gede Batur+Tampaksiring - bali - musique pour le gong gede (ocora) ok.full
Semar Pegulingan - Semar Pegulingan Club of Teges Kanyinan - gemelan semar pegulingan - gamelan of the love god.1972.full
va - jvc world sounds [bali] - kecak in the forest of anima.full
- Cuba
buena vista social club:
compay segundo-duets
ibrahim ferrer & ry cooder - buenos hermanos (2003)
omara portuondo - flor de amor -2004
omara portuondo - magia negra
omara portuondo & chucho valdes - desafios
- England
ronan browne & peter o'loughlin-touch me if you dare.2002.full
- Far East
Asik Veysel Satiroglu.Tasplak Temizleme - I
- greek
greek - petros tabouris - 1992 - elliniki arxaiotita (music of greek antiquity)
- hawaiian
gabby pahinui - the best of hawaiian slack key (1949)
va - hawaiian music - steel guitar masters 1928-1934
- india
arun dahanukar - nocturnal ragas (1993)
debashish bhattacharya - calcutta slide guitar,vol.3.2006
musafir - gypsies of rajasthan.1998
pandit hariprasad chaurasia - krishna's flute.1995
pandit hariprasad chaurasia - night ragas
tarun bhattacharya - art of indian santoor.2002
Ustad Asad Ali Khan - Maestro's Choice(Music Today, 1994)
vishwa mohan bhatt - easter sunday new york.1989,Vishwa Mohan Bhatt guitar-Sukhvindar Singh tabla
- Iraq
al-aiedy, fawzi - silence (1975 iraq)
munir bechir - babilon mood 1974
afghanistan - 1973-77 - the traditional music of herat (unesco)afghanistan - various - a journey to an unknown musical world
Aicha Redouane et L'Ensemble Al-Adwar - Arabesques vocales (1995)
arabia - the women's voice
Calamus - The Splendour of Al-Andalus-Arab-Andalusian Music From The 12-15th Centuries.1994
Classical Music Of Egypt:
01-Hossam Abd Al Rahman - Maqam Nahawand
02-Mohammad Fudah - Maqam Saba
03-Sayyid Husayn - Maqam Kurd
04-Hossam Abd Al Rahman - Maqam Hijazkar
Hamza El Din:
Hamza El Din - Al Oud.1965 Vanguard Rec
Hamza El Din - Lily of the Nile (1989)
Hamza El Din - Muwashshah (1995)
Hamza El Din Escalay - The Water Wheel (1971)
music of islam vol.02 - south sinai bedouins (egypt).1998.full
Music of the Nile Valley.Various Bedouin families
the music of islam vol04 - music of the arabian peninsula - doha,qatar
the music of islam vol 7 - al-andalus
the music of islam vol 12 - iran
various - Bedouins of the Middle East (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattachary)
- Italia
Al Qantarah - Abballati, abballati! (?anti e suono della Sicilia Medievale).1999.Fone
- Japan
japan - japanese koto consort 1983
japan - nogapu - Traditional Sound Of Japan
japanese traditional music.5 songs
traditional music of the japanese geisha
tradititraditional - traditional japanese koto music.full
- korea
yu eun sun - original korean ethnic works
- Marokko
Bachir Attar-master musicians of jajouka-Apocalypse Across The Sky ( marokko ).1992
- mongolian
abtai sain khanii orgoo (mongolia) - peak of the alta
egschiglen - gobi
Egschiglen-Traditionelle Mongolische Lieder.1997
enchanting mongolia - traditional mongolian music.1993
mongolia- shamans and lamas [ocora].1994
uyanga - uyanga (guttural singing of the people...)
- Nepal
Nepal Folk Music-Nepal Cultural Corporation (world music library).1994
- romania
taraf de haidouks.1999
taraf de haidouks-musique des tziganes de roumanie.1991
- russian
Canada Inuit Games and Songs-eneci-Sever-SeverII-Tuva collection:
Gennadi Tumat-Lanchyy Boomnu,Igor Koshkendey-Cheler Ojuhm,Igor Koshkendey-Testament,Igor Koshkendey-Tuva Chonum Ergim Cherim,
Oidupaa Vladimir Oyun-Its Windy in Ovur,Ondar-Charazhym,Ondar-Eglip Kelir Kushtarym,Yat-Kha-Teve Khaia
Anthology of Buryat Folklore.Series1-NON-RUSSIAN FOLK TRADITIONS.1984
russian orthodox: Monks and Choirs of Kiev Pechersk Lavra - Chants of the Russian Orthodox Church
Sever.Practical Dictionary3
Sever.Practical Dictionary4
- serbia
- ska
ska cubano
- tibet
[2000] mantras for meditation.2000.2cd.full
dechen shak-dagsay - dewa che - the universal healing power of tibetan mantras.2005.full
Ethnic Music Compilations-Seven Hundred Years Of Music In Tibet Mantras&Chants Of The Dalai Lama.1997.full
gang chenpa - voices from tibet.2000.full
Gyume Tibetan Monks - Tantric Harmonics.1986
gyuto monks and chris hinze.full
gyuto tantric college - tibetan buddhism - tantras of gyuto.1990.vol1.full
kelsang chukie tethong - voice from tara.2003.full
Monks of the Gyuto Monastery
Monks of the Sera Je' Monaster - ritual music and chants of the gelug tradition.2005.full
Nawang Khechog & Jeff Beal.Tibet_ cry of the snow lion.2003.full
Nyanang Phelgyeling Monastery - Inner Healing Ritual Chant and Music of Tibet.1997
sacred ceremonies
sacred ceremonies - ritual music of tibetan buddhism 3.full
sacred ceremonies.2
Sacred Tibetan Music.From the Order of Drugpa-Kargyu.1994
tenzin choegyal - heart sutra.2004.full
the gyuto monks - freedom chants from the roof of the world.1989
The Rough Guide of the Music of Himalayas.2002
Tibetan ballad singing&Minorities music in Tibet.1995.full
Tibetan Buddhism.Ritual Orchestra & Chants - khampagar monastery.1995.full
Tibetan Buddhist Rites from the Monasteries of Bhutan, volume I.1971
tibetan buddhist rites from the monasteries of bhutan.2cd.full
Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts Dhama Suna.1997
Tibetan Mantras & Chants - buddhist monks of maitri vihar monastery - sartori.1997.full
tibetan monastary.full
tibetan mysteries - monks of dip tse chok ling monastery.1999
tibetan prayer-buddhist nuns at chuchikjall tibetan pujas.1995
Traditional Music Ensemble of the Beijing National Music Academy - buddhist music of the ming dynasty.1993.full
va-ladakh - musique de monastere et de village.1976
Yungchen Lhamo-tibet tibet.1996.full
- tuva
7 songs
sainkho namtchylak - 6 songs
- vietnam
2 songs
instrumental music of vietnam [king records - world music library kicc 5160].1991.1994
- world
Childrens songs from around the world - vol 09. maroc, vallees du haute atlas.1999
hot women - women singers from torrid regions of the world (compiled by r. crumb)
secret museum of mankind - central asia, ethnic music classics (1925-1948) [yazoo 7007]
va - primitive music of the world [compiled by henry cowell] (1962)
women of spirit.1988

politics, authors:

Jack Kerouac:
Jack Kerouac - reads on the road
Mayakovsky.Nauman.Cunningham.Broodhaers - ubu web
Military - german military marches
monkeywrenching the new world order
naomi klein - the new anticorporate activism

noam chomsky:
noam chomsky - an american addiction
noam chomsky - propaganda and control of the public mind.2cd
noam chomsky - the new war on terrorism, fact & fiction
noam chomsky - why iraq, nov 4, 2002
William Burroughs - The Best of William Burroughs.Best of Giorno Poetry Systems.disc2
Woody Allen:
Woody Allen - (1964-1968) woody allen - stand-up comic
Woody Allen - wild man blues


Andromeda - Andromeda (Outstanding UK Hardrock 1969)
Art - Supernaturally Fairy Tales (UK Psychedelic Rock 1967)
Brainticket - 1971 - Cottonwoodhill
Ernan Roch Con Las Voces Frescas - La Onda Pesada (Mexican Psych 1971)
Fantasy - Paint A Picture (Tremendous UK Progressive 1973)AMH
Gerardo Manuel and El Humo - Apocallypsies (Good Psychedelia From Peru 1970)
group 1850 - agemos' trip to mother earth(1968)
Jan & Lorraine - Gypsy People (US Acid-Tinged Folk 1969)
Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies - Metaphysical Circus (US Psychedelia 1969)
July - July (Great & Rare UK Psychedelia 1968)
La Revolucion De Emiliano Zapata - Hoy (Very Good Mexican Psych 1972)
Love - 1969 - Out Here.full
Love - 1969 Four Sail.full
Love - 1971 False Start.full
Mandy Morton And Spriguns - Magic Lady (Rare UK Folkrock 1978)
marshmallow overcoat - 1986 - 1990
Moonkyte - Count Me Out (Superb UK Acid Folkrock 1971)
Moonstone - 1973 - Moonstone
Motherlight - bobak, Jons, Malone (Good & Rare UK Progressive 1970)
Mott the Hoople - Selftitled (Rare Debut Album 1969) (@256)
Mystic Siva - Mystic Siva (Superb US Psychedelia 1970)
Ol' Paint - Ol' Paint (Good Rockgroup US 1971) (@256)
One Way Ticket - Time is Right (Rare and Superb UK Psychedelia 1968)
Pretty Things - Get the Picture (2nd Album UK 1965)
Psychedelic Minds Vol.1 - Heavy Underground 1967-71
Rainbow Ffolly - Sallies Fforth (Good UK Psychedelia 1968)
Relatively Clean Rivers - Selftitled (Very Good US FolkPsych 1975)
Robin Lent - Scarecrows Journey (Magical UK Folkrock 1971) (@256)
Shuttah - The Image Maker (Very Rare UK Prog-Psych 1971) (2CD)
Strawberry Alarm Clock - 1990 Incense & Peppermints [Collection]
The Apryl Fool - Apryl Fool (Japanese Psychedelia 1969)
The Five Day Week Straw People - Selftitled (Very Good UK Psychedelia 1968)
The Grodeck Whipperjenny - Selftitled (Superb US Psychedelia 1970)
The Moving Sidewalks - Flash (Good US Psychedelia 1968)
The Orange Alabaster Mushroom - Space & Time (OUTSTANDING Canadian 90?s Psychedelic Rock)
The Pleasure Fair (US) 1968
The Rainbow Press - There?s A War On & 2nd Album (US Psych.1968-69)
The Sonics - Psycho-Sonic
The Who - My Generation (1965, Deluxe Edition, 2002).2cd
Them - Belfast Gypsies (Unique to Sweden UK Psychedelia 1967)
Them - Now And Them (UK Psychedelia 1967)
Them - Time Out Time In For Them (US Psychedelia 1969)
Transatlantic Railroad - Express to Oblivion (US West-Coast Rock 1967-68)
Truth - of Them & Other Tales (Superb US Psychedelia 1969 Ex.THEM)


- berurier noir
1983 - macadam massacre [reedition 2003]
- clash
clash - 1990 - london calling
- Code Blue.compilation.Last Rites (a fanzine out of the Chicago are).1984
- Crying Nut
Circus Magic Urandan(Korea)1999
- GG Allin
Anti social personality disorder
Carnival of excess.full
Dirty love songs.full
Doctrine of Mayhem.1980.full
Freaks, fagots, drunk & junk.full
g.g. allin - always was, is, and always shall be (1980).full
g.g. allin - brutality and bloodshed for all
gg allin - you'll never tame me.full
gg allin & antiseen - 1991 - murder junkies
gg allin & the aids brigade - gypsy motherfucker(7inch).1987
GG Allin & The Jabbers.Banned in Boston.vol1.1993
gg allin & the jabbers-banned in boston.vol2.full
gg allin & the jabbers-out for blood ep
gg allin & the murder junkies - terror in america.full
gg allin & the scumfucs - eat my fuc
gg allin & the southern baptists - look into my eyes & hate me(7inch).1992
gg allin & the texas nazis - boozin' and pranks.full
gg allin-early singles 1977-1984.full
gg allin-hated.full
gg allin-i was a murder junkie.full
gg allin-masturbation sessions.full
gg allin-res-erected.full
gg allin-suicide sessions-anti social personality disorder.full
gg allin-the troubled troubadour.full
Hated in the nation
Rock n roll terrorist
Violent beatings.full
- Sex Pistols, p.i.l.
John Lydon.Psychos path.1997
John Lydon.The best of British x1 Notes.2005
pil - Neurotic outsiders.1996
public image limited - compact disc(alb).1986
public image limited - metal box.1979
Sex Pistols.Silver jubilee.2002
Sex Pistols.Thirty years young swindle(the most unknown bootleg).2006
Syd Vicious.Live at the electric ballroom.1978
Syd Vicious.Sid sings.1979
- the stalin
the stalin - stop jap lp 1982
the stalin - the trash.1981
- WEIRDPUNK L.A. Late '70sEarly '80s Los Angeles Underground Sounds-Rare,Ripped From Vinyl!


- a tribe called quest
a tribe called quest - people's instinctive travels.1990.full
beats, rhymes & life.1996.full
midnight marauders.1993.full
- de la soul
(1996) stakes is high.full
buhloone mind state.1993.full
de la soul - 3 feet high and rising (1989).full
de la soul - bionix.2001.full
de la soul - the grind date.2004
de la soul is dead.1991.full
- gang starr
gang starr - hard to earn -1994
- M.E.D.
push comes to shove (2005)
- madlib, madvillain, dudley perkins,oh no, quasimoto
beat conductor.full
beatless ft. madlib & quasimoto-x
cut chemist and madlib - bunky's pick (12 inch).6 variations of in the rain
dj rels (a.k.a madlib) - theme for a broken soul album
dudley perkins and madlib - a lil light (instrumentals)-2003
jaylib- jay dee and madlib are jaylib.full
madlib - 62 beats 2005 [160k]
madlib - blunted in the bomb shelter
madlib - earth sounds ep ©2001.full
madlib - flowers (feat dudley perkins)
madlib - mind fusion vol 1 - hip hop 2004
madlib - mind fusion vol 2 - jazz funk soul 2004
madlib - shades of blue.2003
madlib - the crates
madlib - the crates [2001]
madlib - the stones throw records 7-inch series
madlib & declaime - instrumentals
madlib and friends- studio kinda cloudy vol 2.2002
madlib and friends- studio kinda cloudy.2002
madlib kcrw Chocolate City radio program.12-20-01
madlib vs bees-chicken payback-10_inch-2005-soup
madvillain - four tet remixes
madvillain - four tet remixes ep [2005]
madvillain - koushik remixes ep [2005]
madvillain - madvillainy.2004.full
madvillain - operation lifesaver
madvillain (mf doom and madlib) - madvillainy instrumentals (2004)
madvillain (mf doom and madlib) - curls & all caps.2004
mf doom and madlib - are madvillian
oh no - exodus into unheard rhythms (advance).2006
oh no & kazi - check it out vls (2002)
quasimoto - further adventures of lord quas.2005
quasimoto & madlib - unreleased [2001]
quasimoto-the unseen-2000
va-madlib mind fusion vol.2 [timewarp,2004]
va-stones throw 100-(ltd.ed._ep)-2004-jce
- mc solar
prose combat
- onyx
- public enemy
autobiography of mistachuck.1996
public enemy - fear of a black planet.1990
public enemy - it takes a nation of millions to hold us back (1988)
public enemy - revolverlution.2002


- Adult Net
Adult net - take me ep
Adult Net - The honey tangle (1989)
- Beck
beck - golden feelings.1999
beck - guero
beck - mellow_gold
beck - odelay.1996
beck - sea change
beck - stereopathetic soul manure
beck - the information.2006
- Blur
blur - the best of
- Bob Dylan
another side of bob dylan (1964)
1992 - good as i been to you
1993 - world gone wrong
bob dylan - blood on the tracks
bob dylan - cocaine blues - minnesota hotel tape
dylan - 1964 - the times they are a-changin'
new morning
self portrait.1970.full
while the establishment burns (ok)
- Bobby Conn
2007 - bobby conn-king for a day
bobby conn - classics live vol. 1
Bobby Conn.full
The golden age.full
The homeland.full
- cornershop
cornershop - when i was born for the 7th time
handcream for a generation
- Cure
Boys dont cry.1980.full
carnage visors curiosity anomalies.full
Concert The Cure Live.84
cure rare Visors.'Picture Tour' in 1981.30 min
Japanese whispers.full
Mixed up.1990.full
Seventeen seconds.1980.full
stained glass smile'
standing on the beach.the unavailable b-sides.full
Starting at the sea.86
the complete b-sides collection - 1979-1989
the cure (1984) - the top
the cure untitled - rare tracks
The Cure.full
The Head On the Door.1985.full
The head on the
Three imaginary boys.1979.full
unreleased vol. 1
Wild mood swings.1996.full
- butthole surfers
butthole surfers - 1985 - psychic, powerless... another man's.full
butthole surfers - hairway to steven.full
butthole surfers - the weird revolution.full
butthole surfers - [1982] 1982 demos @192kbs
butthole surfers - live pcppep.full
caso raro
humpty dumpty lsd.full
independent worm saloon.full
locust abortion technician (1987)
Rembrandt Pussyhorse.full
- David Bowie
1974 - young americans
1989 - tin machine
Aladdin Sane.1973
david bowie - 1983 - let's dance
david bowie - 1993 - black tie, white noise
david bowie - nassau vetran's memorial coliseum, new york 23-3-76
Diamond dogs.1974
Hunky Dory.1971
Live in Japan.1990
Pin Ups.1973
Station to Station.1976
- faith no more
faith no more - we care a lot.1985
- fearless iranians from hell
fearless iranians from hell - die for allah
fearless iranians from hell - foolish americans-holy war
fearless iranians from hell - holy war
- foo fighters
acoustic set from at&t
foo fighters - the colour and the shape(1997)
- hole
hole - celebrity skin
- James Brown
20 all time greatest
- jamiroquai
jamiroquai - emergency on planet earth 1993
travelling without moving
- jane's addiction, porno for pyros
jane's addiction - ritual de lo habitual.1990
jane's addiction - strays
nothing's shocking
porno for pyros - good god's urge
porno for pyros.1993
- jimi hendrix
Jimi Hendrix - Blue Window (Jam Sessions March 1969)
jimi hendrix.album-Blues
jimi hendrix.The Ultimate Expierence
- Lydia Lunch
(1981) 8 eyed spy (256k)
foetus - 1987 - clint ruin & lydia lunch - stinkfist
lydia lunch - a dozen dead roses 12'' [with no trend].1985
lydia lunch - honeymoon in red.1987.full
lydia lunch - queen of siam.1979.full
lydia lunch - of
lydia lunch & co. - re-up.1999
lydia lunch & rowland s. howard - shotgun wedding.1991.full
- miranda sex garden
carnival of souls
- New Model Army
justin sullivan - navigating by the stars.2003.full
justin sullivan - tales of the road.2004.full
new model army - b-sides and abandoned tracks.1995.full
new model army - eight.2000.full
new model army - like a storm.1989.full (Same show as Sadistic Pleasures,Live at Rock City, Nottingham,UK)
new model army - no rest for the wicked.1985.full
new model army - raw melody men.1991.full
new model army - the ghost of cain.1986.full
new model army - thunder and consolation.1989.full
new model army - vengeance.The Independent Story.1984.full
new model army - b- betrayal.full
new model army - I believe.1981.full
new model army - history- (the best-85-91).2001.full
new_model_army - carnival.2005.full
red sky coven & justin sullivan.nusery hartlepool.1989.09.02.full
- nine inch nails
Pretty Hate Machine.1989
the downward spiral
- Nirvana
Banned For Life.1992
Nirvana - Bleach (full album)
Nirvana - In Utero - (Entire Album)
nirvana - secret songs - the unreleased album (2004)
Outcesticide I - In Memoty of Kurt Cobain.1994.full
Outcesticide II - The Needle and the Damage Done.1995.full
Outcesticide III - The Final Solution.1995
Outcesticide IV - Rape of The Vaults (1996).full
Outcesticide V - Desintegration.1998.full
Seattle 1988
The Eternal Legacy.1991
- Pink Floyd
66-10-31 london - i get stoned -first pink floyd studio session-a saucerful of outtakes
atom heart mother goes on the road.2disc
barret-Magnesium Proverbs
barret-Opel (1988)
david gilmour - in floyd we trust
David Gilmour (1978)
David Gilmour-About Face (1984)
david gilmour-new game
nick mason-Profiles (1985)
pink floyd - a momentary lapse of reason 1987
pink floyd - a tree full of secrets cd12
pink floyd - a tree full of secrets cd13
pink floyd - a tree full of secrets cd13
pink floyd - animals, oakland coliseum, ca, may 9, 1977 disc 1
pink floyd - animals, oakland coliseum, ca, may 9, 1977 disc 2
pink floyd - is there anybody out there.2disc
pink floyd - outtakes from outer space 1967
pink floyd - rare trax-nc
pink floyd - smoking blues.Montreux Casino-Switzerland.1969
pink floyd - the division bell
pink floyd - the final cut.1983
Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (1967-2007) - Bonus
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd - the complete zabriskie point sessions
Richard Wright-Broken China (1996)
Rick Wright.Wet Dream (1978)
roger waters - 1986 - when the wind blows
roger waters - complete hitch hiking performance.2disc
roger waters - dogs on the run - 1999 - vrb
roger waters - flickering flame - 2002
roger waters - radio k.a.o.s. - 1987
roger waters - the pros and cons of hitch hiking.full
roger waters - to kill the child (2005)
roger waters rarities - 2000
roger waters-amused to death
Ron Geesin & Roger Waters-music from the body.full
syd barrett & pink floyd have you got it yet (rare 3 disc bootleg)-nc
under construction - the wall demos
- rem
REM - Covering Em.1993
REM - Dead_Letter_Office.1987
rem - in time (the best of rem 1988 - 2003)
rem - murmur (1983)
- Rita Mitsouko
les rita mitsouko - 1986 - no comprendo
les rita mitsouko - acoustiques
les rita mitsouko - cool frEnEsie
les rita mitsouko - les rita mitsouko
- smashing pumpkins
smashing pumpkins - machina - the machines of god
smashing pumpkins - rotten apples (greatest hits)
smashing pumpkins - unplugged_ 100% pure acoustic performanc
smashing pumpkins-ava adore
the smashing pumpkins - pisces iscariot
the smashing pumpkins - ultimate rarities box set disc one
the smashing pumpkins (1995) exit under burning skies
ultimate rarities box set cd 4
- Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth
1987 (+ foetus) - submit to me now- the films of richard kern-sountrack
1988-03-05- speak no evol
1989-10-00 - nothing short of total war (compilation)
1994 experimental jet set, trash and no star
1994 lost tracks - single b-sides and non-album tracks
A Thousand Leaves.full
Confusion is sex.Kill your idols.full
Demon lover.soundtrack
Dirty boots.full
made in usa (music from the original 1986 motion picture soundtrack)
Murray street.full
rather ripped.2006
sonic nurse.2004
sonic youth -- daydream nation
sonic youth - kali yug express & sweet emotion(2002)
sonic youth - sonic youth [ep]
sonic youth - washing machine
sonic youth with yamatsuka eye
SYR4.Goodbye 20th century.2CD.full
syr 5
thurston moore - psychic hearts (1995)
whore is moaning.full
- suede
1993 - suede
1994 - dog man star
- The Doors
1967 - strange days
the doors
- the fall
A Post-Punk Junk Primer.2007.3cd
ark - brainsold - urban pyramid 2002 - ex-the fall member steve hanley
fall - singles and b-sides from brix period.full
fall collaborations:
01.coldcut - in deep (featuring mark e smith)
02.ich habe getrAumt ich wAre pizza essen mit mark e. smith
03.jazz butcher - southern mark smith (original)
04.pavement - mark e. smith
05.the fall - inspiral carpets (featuring mark e smith) - i want you
06.the fall - mark e smith & mildman jan - fistful of credits (switch flicker)
07.the fall - planet vegas - i am completely deaf (with mark e smith)
08.unkle- down - feat mark e smith
fall tribute - good evening, we are not the fall - tape compilation
fall unreleased tracks
mark e smith - the post nearly man demos (1998)
mark e smith - the post nearly man.full
mouse on mars vs mark e. smith - wipe that sound - promo cdr - sonig.2004
sonic youth - 4 tunna brix (1990, a collection of the fall covers)
the fall - 2g+2.2002
the fall - 1985 - hip priest and kamerads
the fall - 458489 a sides.1990
the fall - 458489 b-sides (2disc).1990
the fall - i am kurious oranj.1997
the fall - (we wish you) a protein christmas
the fall - a past gone mad.2001.full
the fall - are you are missing winner.2002
the fall - are you are missing winner.expanded.2001.2006
the fall - backdrop.2001
the fall - bend sinister.1986
the fall - C.R.E.E.P.Show.bootleg.1984.full
the fall - cerebral caustic.1995
the fall - code selfish.1992
the fall - country on the click.2003
the fall - dragnet (1979)
the fall - early fall (1977-79)
the fall - extricate.1990
the fall - fall heads roll - narnack.2005
the fall - fall in a hole.2cd.(1983)2002,2006.full
the fall - fiend with a violin.1996.full
the fall - fiery jack
the fall - grotesque (after the gramme).1980
the fall - hex enduction hour (1982)
the fall - hip priest and kamerads.1985.full
the fall - i am as pure as oranj
the fall - i can hear the grass grow ep - narnack.2005
the fall - in the city.1997
the fall - levitate.1997.full
the fall - listening in.Lost Singles Tracks(1990-92).2002.full
the fall - live at the witch trials - expanded edit.1979
the fall - mes_fast_forward_vol13_Oct82.interv
the fall - middle class revolt.1994
the fall - palace of swords reversed.1987
the fall - perverted by language.1983
the fall - reformation post tlc.2007
the fall - room to live (undilutable slang truth!).1982.full
the fall - shift-work.1991
the fall - slates - a part of america therin (1981-1982)
the fall - The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 - 2004 [2005].6disc
the fall - the frenz experiment (alt-preset).1988
the fall - the infotainment scan.1993
the fall - the legendary chaos tape
the fall - the less you look the more you find.1997.2cd
the fall - the light user syndrome + 2 (1996).full
the fall - the marshall suite [1999]
the fall - the real new fall lp (formerly country on the click) (us version)
the fall - the unutterable.2000
the fall - the wonderful and frightening world of the fall
the fall - this nation's saving grace
the fall - totale's turns (it's now or never).1980
the fall - totally wired-31.cd1
the fall - touch sensitive cd1 (knitting factory ny usa 23-11-01)
the fall - touch sensitive cd2 (crocodile cafe seattle usa 20-11-01)
the fall - touch sensitive cd3 (patronaat haarlem nl 06-04-01)
- the jesus & mary chain
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic.1989 [Rem2006]
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands.1987 [Rem.2006]
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy.1985.rem2006
- the pogues
the pogues - red roses for me
the pogues - rum sodomy and the lash
the pogues - hells ditch
the pogues - if i should fall from grace with god
- the smiths, morrissey
morrissey - ringleader of the tormentors.2006
morrissey - suedehead.The best of.1997
the smiths - hatful of hollow.1984
the smiths - louder than bombs.1987
the smiths - meat is murder.1984
the smiths - rank.1988
the smiths - strangeways here we come.1987
the smiths - the queen is dead.1986
the smiths - the world won't listen.1987
the smiths - (1984) the smiths
- The Stone Roses
stone roses - live at the blackpool empress ballroom (1989-08-12)
The Anniversary Edition
the stone roses - complete
the stone roses - second coming.full
the stone roses - ultimate rarities
turns into stone.full
- U2
b sides.The Best Of 1980 - 1990.cd2
u2 - 1984 - the unforgettable fire
U2 - Achtung Baby
u2 - boy.1980
u2 - b'sides (79-88)
U2 - Joshua Tree
u2 - pop.1997
u2 - rattle and hum.1988
u2 - under a blood red sky.1983
U2 - War.1983
U2 - Zooropa.1993
u2 - [1981] - october
u2 - unreleased album
- velvet underground
lou reed - transformer
nico - chelsea girl
nico - the marble index
velvet underground and nico
- Vincent Gallo
vincent gallo - live RFH London.5.04.2004
vincent gallo - recordings of music for film
vincent gallo and sean lennon live rothko nyc
- Waits
tom waits - mule variations.1999
tom waits - real gone (2004)
- Zappa
burnt weeny sandwich (1970)
AlbumWrap - Fire!
frank zappa - Boston.1968
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats (entire album).1969
Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage-CD2 or Thing Fish
Frank Zappa - Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar Cd 2
Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage- disk 1 entire cd (1)
fz - 91 - the best band you never heard in your life cd 2
Mothers of Invention - Freak Out! (entire CD)
Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar(Disc 1).1981


- alejandro jodorowsky
alejandro jodorowsky - el topo - ost
alejandro jodorowsky - the holy mountain - ost
- Almodovar
Songs of Almodovar
- coens
o brother, where art thou
- darren aronofsky
clint mansell - requiem for a dream
darren aronofsky - ost - pi
- David Fincher
the dust brothers - fight club soundtrack
- David Lynch
angelo badalamenti and david lynch - Mulholland drive
Blue Velvet
the straight story
Wild at heart.soundtrack.1990
- ennio morricone
ennio morricone - - diabolik(1968)
ennio morricone - a fistfull of film music.2disc
ennio morricone - il buono, il brutto & il cattivo (the good, the bad & the ugly)
- federico fellini
1954 - nino rota - la strada
federico fellini - amarcord
nino rota - 1957 - fortunella
nino rota - 1963 - 8 12
nino rota - 1976 - il casanova
nino rota - la dolce vita
- francis ford coppola
apocalypse now.2disc
- fred karlin - Up the Down Staircase
- Good Morning Vietnam (3 Cd Box)
- jim jarmusch

down by law (by john lurie)
- pier paolo pasolini
pier paolo pasolini - poems
pier paolo pasolini - teorema
- romper stomper - soundtrack.1992
- takeshi kitano

Keiichi Suzuki - zatoichi
- takashi miike
boredoms - ichi the killer, takashi miike's movie soundtrack
- Tarkovsky
- Tarrantino
kill bill vol 1.bonus disc
kill bill.vol 1
kill bill.vol 2
- The Muppet Show
The Muppet Show 2 - 1978
The Muppet Show Album (1977)
- The James Bond Thrillers-The Roland Shaw Orchestra, The Ventures In Space
- Tsukamoto

chu ishikawa - bullet ballet.full
chu ishikawa - tokyo fist (soundtrack).full
chu ishikawa - tetsuo







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