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        01.     Civil Defense (GrOb) & Adolf Hitler - Koncert  in Novosibirsk  '1987
                  Mein Kampf
                  hey, brother ljuber
                  30 confirming conclusions
                  tough quarantine
                  Third Reich
                  we'll take a tank
                  useless/no illness
                  country of fools
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        02.     Spinki Menta (Tshornõi Lukits) - "Lieutenant  Kirejevs  erection"  '1987
                  not yours!
                  by the window
                  o-o-ori o-o-ra
                  total shit
                  lieutenant Kirejev
                  i became yours
                  spring song
                  magic song
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        03.     Tshornõi Lukits - "It  will  be  funny  and  scary"  '1996
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        04.     Tshornõi Lukits - "Heather  honey"  '2002
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        05.     MAHNO - "Last  years  snow"  '1997
                  on the shore
                  felled last years snow
                  about nothing
                  this was all what left to me
                  about bullet and piece of sun
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        06.     Adaptacia - "Smells  of  childhood"  '?
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        07.     Adaptacia - "Wheels  of  history"  '1997
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        08.     Adaptacia - "In  illegal  position"  '1997
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        09.     Adaptacia - "For  the  homeland  betray"  '1999
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        10.     Adaptacia - "Dzut"  '2001
                  my town will stand
                  on the way home
                  we meet
                  there where the pain borns
                  life in a police state
                  city streets
                  thousands lonely days of emptyness
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        11.     Instructsia po Vizivaniu (IPV) - "Confrontation  in  Moscow"  '1988, "Army  of  white  light "  '1992, "Night  beat"  '1986,
                        "Religion  of  heart"  '1994, "The  star  sky"  '1998
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        12.     Zaterjannõje  v Kosmose - "Exception  to  the  rules"  '1996
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        13.     Zaterjannõje  v Kosmose - "Pleasure  of  a  special  sort"  '2000
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        14.     Krasnoje  Zvezdõ - "The Russian order "  '1997
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        15.     Krasnoje Zvezdõ - "Epoch  of  fake  patriotism"  '1997
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        16.     Posljedni  Patron - "Flag"  '1997
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        17.     BANDA TETÕRJOH - "Ugly  time"  '1997, "The  love  is  authority"  '1997, "Anarchy  does  not  roll"  '1998
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        18.     Cernozem - "Gift  for  the weakest"  '1995
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        19.     Cernozem - "Fine  is  far  away"  '2000
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        20.     Cernozem - "Not  for  ever"  '2001
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        21.     Distemper - "We  today  with  Baem"  '1991 
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        22.     Distemper - "Oi  du-du"  '1993 
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        23.     Orgasm  Nostradamusa - "Ascention  to  madness"  '1997
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        24.     Orgasm  Nostradamusa - "Fever  of  unclear  genesis"  '1998
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        25.     Orgasm  Nostradamusa - "Death  of  the  immoral"  '1999
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        26.     Orgasm  Nostradamusa - "Kill  the  teenager"  '2000
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        27.     Orgasm  Nostradamusa - "Aesthetic  terrorism"  '2002
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        28.     A.Dohlõi - "About  cunt"  '2000
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        29.     Mausoleum - "War"  '2000
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        30.     Mausoleum - "Stay  alive"  '2004
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        31.     PURGEN - "All  states - concentration  camps"  '1992
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        32.     PURGEN - "Radio-activity from  the  garbage  tank"  '1995
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        33.     PURGEN - "Doxidermists  of  towns  madness"  '1999
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        34.     PURGEN - "Mechanism  details  protest"  '2004
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        35.     PURGEN - "Reincarnation"  '2005
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        36.     Viselica (Latvia) - "Don't  piss !"  '2000, "Slaughter"  '2002
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        37.     Syndrome of Sudden Death (SVS-Estonia) - "War  time"  '2004
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        38.     Eshelon - "Totalitarism now"  '2004
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        39.     F.P.G. - "Shitrock"  '2004
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        40.     Pornoavtomats - "All  life  a  hardcore"  '2005
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        41.     Der Steinkopf - "Die  hypnose"  '2003
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        FUNK. II

        01.      Brenda Holloway: 
                        You've Made Me So Very Happy
        02.      Funky16Corners Radio v.4 - S.O.S. (Heart In Distress)
                   Track listing 
                   Velvelettes - Lonely Lonely Girl Am I (VIP)
                   Betty Harris - I Don't Want To Hear It (Sansu)
                   Irma Thomas - What Are You Trying To Do (Imperial) 
                   Flirtations - Nothing But A Heartache (Deram)
                   Cooperettes - Shingaling (Brunswick)
                   Barbara West - You're No Good (Ronn)
                   Kim Weston - Helpless (Gordy)
                   Betty Everett - Getting Mighty Crowded (VeeJay)
                   Shirley Ellis - Soul Time (Columbia)
                   Christine Cooper - S.O.S. (Heart In Distress) (Parkway)
                   Persianettes - It Happens Every Day (OR)
                   Marvelettes - I'll Keep On Holding On (Tamla)
                   Thelma Jones - Stronger (Barry)
                   Bonnie & Lee - The Way I Feel About You (Fairmount)
                   Martha & The Vandellas - In My Lonely Room (Gordy)
                   Linda Jones - I Can't Help Loving My Baby (Loma)
                   Liberty Belles - Shingaling Time (Shout)
                   Jean Wells - With My Love and What You've Got (Calla) 
                         download  * 41 min 
        03.      Funky16Corners Radio v.5 - Funky Nawlins Pt 1
                   Track listing 
                   The Meters Cardova (Instant) 
                   Chris Kenner Fumigate Funky Broadway (Instant) 
                   Jimmy Hicks - Im Mr Big Stuff (Big Deal) 
                   The Unemployed Funky Thing Pt1 
                   Skip Easterling Too Weak To Break The Chains (Instant) 
                   Lee Dorsey When the Bills Paid (Polydor) 
                   Cyril Neville Tell me Whats On Your Mind (Josie) 
                   Danny White Natural Soul Brother (SSS Intl) 
                   David Batiste & The Gladiators Funky Soul Pts 1&2 (Instant) 
                   Wilbert Harrison Girls On Parade (Buddah) 
                   Chuck Carbo Take Care of You Homework (Canyon) 
                   Allen Toussaint We The People (Bell) 
                   Oliver Morgan Roll Call (Seven B) 
                   Deacon John You Dont Know How To Turn me On (Bell) 
                   Mary Jane Hooper Harper Valley PTA (Power) 
                   Eddie Bo Dont Turn Me Loose (Bo Sound)
                         download  * 41 min 
        04.      Funky16Corners Radio v.6 - Bold Soul Sisters
                   Track listing 
                   Thelma Jones The House That Jack Built (Barry) 
                   Gladys Knight & The Pips The Nitty Gritty (Soul) 
                   Ike & Tina Turner Bold Soul Sister (Blue Thumb) 
                   Tina Britt Sookie Sookie (Veep) 
                   Ann Sexton Youre Losing Me (Seventy Seven) 
                   Viola Wills Sweetback (Supreme) 
                   Martha Turner Dirty Old Man (Royal American) 
                   Shirley Vaughn Escape (Columbia) 
                   Ruby Andrews You Made a Believer Out Of Me (Zodiac) 
                   Helena Hollins Baby Youre Right (Stonegood) 
                   Monica I Dont Know Nothing Else To Tell You But I Love You (Toxsan) 
                   Lyn Collins Mama Feelgood (People) 
                   Gi Gi Daddy Love (Sweet) 
                   Erma Franklin Baby What You Want Me To Do (Shout) 
                   Yvonne Fair Say Yeah Yeah (Dade) 
                   Brenda & The Tabulations Scuze Uz YAll (Top & Bottom) 
                   Cold Blood You Got Me Hummin (San Francisco) 
                         download * 42 min 
        05.      Funky16Corners Radio v.7 - Funky Shing-A-Ling
                   Track listing 
                   Milton Howard Funky Shingaling (Sound Stage 7) 
                   Bill Moss Sock It To Em Soul Brother (Bell) 
                   AC Jones & The Soulettes Hole In Your Soul (Imperial) 
                   Andre Williams Loose Juice (Wingate) 
                   Lonnie Brooks Let It All Hang Out (Chess) 
                   Zip Codes Sweet Meat (Better) 
                   Lionel Hampton Them Changes (Glad Hamp) 
                   Willie Mitchell Up Hard (Hi) 
                   Al James Groove City USA (Big Beat) 
                   Freddie & The Kinfolk Blabbermouth (Dade) 
                   Ernie Wilkins Big Band Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (Mainstream) 
                   Harry Deal & The Galaxies Funky Fonky (Eclipse) 
                   Joe Youngblood Cobb Its L.B. Time (exSPECT More) 
                   Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band Caesars Palace (WB) 
                   Elijah & The Ebonies Hot Grits (Capsoul) 
                   Alvin Cash Funky 69 (Toddlin Town) 
                   Lee Fields Tell Her That I Love Her (Bedford) 
                   Lowell Fulsom Funky Broadway (Kent) 
                   Slim Harpo I Got My Finger On Your Trigger (Excello) 
                         download * 47 min 
        06.      Tammi Terrell:
                         I Cant Believe You Love Me
        07.      Billy Preston: 
                         Let The Music Play
        08.      Bill Withers: 
        09.      Hugh Masekela/The Friends of Distinction: 
                   Grazing In The Grass (Instrumental)
                   Grazing In The Grass (Vocal)
        10.      Donny Hathaway: 
                         Jealous Guy
        11.      Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham:
                         Lover and a Friend


        John Lydon - Sex Pistols - Sid Vicious.

        01.      John Lydon - "Psycho's  Path"  '1997, "The Best Of British £1 Notes"  '2005 

        02.      Sex Pistols - "Silver Jubilee"  '2002, "Thirty Years Young Swindle (the most unknown bootleg)"  '2006

        03.      Sid Vicious - "Live At The Electric Ballroom"  '1978
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